When given a list of words, numbers, or directions, rehearsal is the strategy when you repeat the entire list in sequence either silently to oneself or aloud.

Zuni Learning Tree was founded by Tina McCord, a former teacher. Zuni Learning Tree saves planning time by providing educators one central online location for teaching and learning resources available anytime and anywhere they have an Internet connection. It solves the problem of how teachers can manage all their online tools. In the same way...

Be sure to use video and show your face! Your students want to see you. Be careful not to make long videos (aim for 3-5 minutes). Attention spans online are a lot shorter than face-to-face.

A common misconception of dyslexia is that it just affects a student's ability to read and/or write. It's important to note that dyslexia also affects coordination, organization, and memory. Each student with dyslexia has their own individual strengths and weaknesses. Below are common signs for teachers to look for that could be indicative of...

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